Financial Assistance FAQS

What are the eligibility requirements for the Program?
Applicant has been diagnosed with colon cancer at least 6 months prior to application date.
Applicant is seeking financial assistance for medical expenses related to gastroenterology.
Applicant earns a gross income no greater than 350% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).
Applicant has out-of-pocket health care cost that is equal to or more than 10% of their gross household income.

What does the Program cover?
The Program covers medical expenses relating to gastroenterological treatment and professional medical services received in North Florida. If you are accepted into the Program, unpaid invoices would be submitted for payments directly to the provider.

Services that are not considered emergent or medically necessary such as: cosmetic surgery or services, retail medical supplies, and services related to third party liability, or workers’ compensation cases are not covered by the Program.

How can I get Program information?
For additional information please contact the Foundation at 904-383-1140.