Program Details

The Borland Groover Foundation Financial Assistance Program benefits individuals in North Florida who have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and are seeking financial assistance for medical services relating to gastroenterology.

Program Details
The Program offers financial assistance to help qualified applicants pay for gastroenterology services based on their financial needs.
It is available for patients who have been diagnosed with colon cancer at least 6 months prior to application date.
Applicants must submit an application and include any supporting documents that are required for eligibility.
Medical treatment/services must be received from a North Florida clinic, hospital, etc.
Applicants are eligible to receive financial assistance with a maximum financial aid not exceeding $5,000 per person, per year.
If awarded, the Foundation will pay medical expenses relating to gastroenterological services directly to the patient’s provider. Unpaid invoices must be submitted with the Program Application.
The Program is a discretionary Program offered by the Borland Groover Foundation for Research and Education. The acceptance or rejection of the applicant shall be in the sole discretion of the Foundation. Applications may be rejected in the sole and absolute discretion of the Foundation regardless of qualification. If funding of the Program is suspended due to lack of resources, applications will be placed on hold until further notice.

350% of Federal poverty level guidelines

If your household size is: Your household income must be no more than this Monthly or Annually
1 $3,541 $42,490
2 $4,801 $57,610
3 $6,061 $72,730
4 $7,321 $87,850
5 $8,581 $102,970
6 $9,841 $118,090

Eligibility Requirements
Diagnosed with colon cancer at least 6 months prior to application date.
Your gross household income is no more than 350% of the federal poverty level.
NOTE: If your gross household income is more than 350% of the federal poverty level, you must meet the criterion below.
Your out-of-pocket health care costs for emergency or medically necessary care is equal to or more than 10% of your gross household income.
Out-of-pocket costs include copays, coinsurance and deductible payments.
Out-of-pocket costs do not include any payments for your health plan itself, including your monthly premium.

Visit to find the guidelines for larger households.