Borland Groover Doctors Travel

The Borland Groover has been involved in internally and externally-funded research programs for more than 10 years.

Several of the Borland Groover’s principle investigators have joined the team after having a dynamic career in academia, many of whom have been lead authors in progressive manuscripts in scientific journals.

“Research provides innovations in patient care.” - Research

Borland Groover believes everyone in our community deserves the same quality care, and often times our specialized care is out of reach for many patients in need. Borland Groover is very proud to coordinate free medical treatment through a volunteer network, We Care Jacksonville, so that no one in need goes without care. Borland Groover physicians often extend care beyond our community, outside the country, so that individuals that are in desperate need of medical treatment receive the care they need.

The global reach or our research team extended to Cambodia and Ecuador. Recently, Dr. Jose Nieto provided ERCP training with live demonstrations to help patients and students in Guayaquil Ecuador.