Borland-Groover doctors travel

Providing care to individuals in Cambodia – Dr. Kyle Etzkorn with a team from Borland-Groover Clinic traveled to Cambodia to provide the first ERCP.

Dr. Etzkorn & Dr. Tek, Borland Groover Clinic Physicians, assisted in setting up a new hospital and provided endoscopic training to Cambodia-based doctors. Our team donated new medical equipment and supplies needed to staff a free-standing center, called the Borland-Groover Endoscopic Center, for patients in need of gastroenterology care. During the trip, our physicians performed the first Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram in the region. The team accomplished:

01. First ERCP in Cambodia.

Patients were given medical care to improve quality of life. The BGC physicians and nurses were able to help patients during this week long mission.

02. Delivering Equipment.

This was the first ERCP to be given in this region. Our goal was also to create a new endoscopy center for the Cambodia medical team to perform future procedures. Our team brought all the supplies and equipment necessary to provide future procedures and setup the new facility.

03. Setting up an Endoscopy Center.

This visit enabled us to build a new center and help this community. Patients in this community have access to much needed digestive health care.