Financial Assistance Program

The BGC Foundation for Research & Education (the “Foundation”) is committed to helping and improving the lives in our community. The Financial Assistance Program (the “Program”) has been possible through one of the Foundation’s fundraising avenue, March to Get Screened (MTGS). In an effort to help individuals with colon cancer, the Foundation hosts MTGS, an annual 5K race dedicated to increasing colon cancer awareness. The funds raised from MTGS are applied toward the Program to help individuals who are qualified low income, uninsured or underinsured in North Florida. The Program is designed to help those who have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and are seeking financial assistance to obtain medical services relating to gastroenterology.

Disclaimer: The program is a discretionary Program offered by the Foundation. The acceptance or rejection of any application to participate in the Program shall be in the sole discretion of the Foundation regardless of qualification. If funding of the Program is suspended due to lack of resources, applications will be placed on hold until further notice. Applications to participate in the Program will never be denied because of race, color, religion sex age, national origin or marital status.